Business Development Associates

Welcome to the Business Development Associates. The BDA-Network is a strategic alliance of associates and support agencies committed to providing you with the tools, technologies, methodologies, expertise and assistance experience to be successful in the 21st Century.

In the rapid pace of the emerging global economy owners, entrepreneurs and managers have limited time and resources to focus on strategic growth issues or creatively respond to competitive forces effecting their businesses. The Business Development Associates created to assist in filling this time and expertise gap. BDA-Network brings to you a fresh and Innovative perspective of business development evolved through years of involvement with hundreds of business and thousands of projects.

All growth and development requires funds. BDA-Network Services are designed to address development issues and development finance decisions during the start-up and Export/Import growth of a business entity.

BDA-Network services are performance based and designed to pay for themselves through cost savings and increased profits. Services fees are calculated on an hourly or project basis